We help companies keep their best people and attract new talent by training their middle-managers to lead in a way that employees feel valued and engaged instead of stressing each other out and suffocating the business.

Why middle-managers? Because they are the most disengaged layer of a company, 75% of employees leave because of them and the ones who stay cost the business an extra 34% on top of their salary in lost productivity and reputation. It is an open wound that seriously damages the company while the competition is getting stronger. Ignoring it is not an option.

99% of companies buy and sell people solutions based on the data of people who grew up without internet, EU and cheap flights. We love our grandparents, but we do not think or behave like them. They found solutions for their challenges, but those ones tend to bring more problems today than benefits.

When smart people have to work in teams, the hope is to create synergy by combining their skills. In reality, 79% of performance gets lost in the interaction between employees who think and behave differently. That is like investing in an iphone and being able to make only phone calls, no internet, no apps…

We combined the practicality of the DISC model with the deep insights of the psychology of global mindset to create the most powerful tool to recognise and leverage the hidden dynamics of behaviour and common sense.

Our multi award-winning program can help you tap into your employees’ wealth of potential without having to heavily invest time and money. It has already been used by Fortune 500 companies and national governments through our network of partners globally

ICQ is not about changing anyone but upgrading your business by making your managers confident and competent in every situation. That’s Intelligent Global Leadership.