Multi award-winning solution to develop high-performing leaders and teams
by leveraging their personal and cultural differences.

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    A certification designed for team leaders, who wish to learn the foundation of optimising psychological safety, motivational drive and cognitive diversity in their teams.

    Get ahead of 99% of leaders who just talk about the topic without having expertise in it and solutions that get real results. This is not going to be a generic course about something you could get for free on Kindle…it is going to be data-driven, personal, practical and based on proven techniques and strategies used by the most successful companies.


    2 x 3 hours sessions

    #1 session: 16th of April, 1pm to 4pm BST

    #2 session: 18th of April, 1pm to 4pm BST

    £495 inc. VAT

    A transformational personalised data-driven leadership programme for a selected group of leaders designed to help you build stronger and more impactful personal and professional relationships to develop high performance within and between people.

    60-80% of all problems in a company are due to clash of values, personalities and leadership challenges. Most of that lost potential can be unlocked by creating the right environment and developing the right skills. That is exactly what you can learn over the period of 6 weeks with leaders who are committed to future-proofing their career by mastering the latest, data-driven self and team leadership tools, techniques and strategies.


    6 x 2 hours over the period of 6 weeks

    #1 session: 24th of April 1pm to 3pm BST

    #2 session: 1st of May 1pm to 3pm BST

    #3 session: 8th of May1pm to 3pm BST

    #4 session: 15th of May 1pm to 3pm BST

    #5 session: 22th of May 1pm to 3pm BST

    #6 session: 29th of May 1pm to 3pm BST

    £2195 inc. VAT

    A highly-practical and successful 6 hours long self and team leadership development programme designed to level-up the skills and awareness needed to future-proof your career, help you unlock your leadership potential in new ways by understanding yourself and others on a deeper level.


    3 x 2 hours:

    #1 session: 8th of April, 1pm to 3 pm BST

    #2 session: 10th of April, 1pm to 3 pm BST

    #3 session: 12th of April, 1pm to 3 pm BST

    £495 inc. VAT